Nord Stream 1 pipeline to close for three days at end of Aug, Gazprom says

Aug 19 (Reuters) – The Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which supplies gas from Russia to Europe under the Baltic Sea, will be closed down for three days from Aug. 31 to Sept. 2 as its last gas blower requires upkeep, Gazprom said on Friday.

The conclusion will carry further disturbance to Europe’s gas supplies with the pipeline previously running at just 20% of its ability, with Gazprom already refering to the need to fix different blowers, and fears Russia could end supplies totally heading into the colder time of year warming season.

After support is finished, progressions of 33 million cubic meters (mcm) a day – in accordance with current volumes – will continue, it said.

In its articulation on Friday, Gazprom said upkeep works at the leftover Trent 60 gas blower station would be done along with Siemens.

“Endless supply of work and without even a trace of specialized breakdowns of the unit, gas transportation will be reestablished to the degree of 33 mcm each day,” the assertion said.

Nord Stream 1’s full limit is 167 mcm each day.

Siemens Energy was not quickly accessible for input.