Solana network blackout: SOL token cost under tension after PoS blockchain goes down once more

Proof-of-stake (PoS) network Solana (SOL) confronted a huge blackout on Friday, 30 September that saw the blockchain down for something like six hours due to a misconfigured hub.

Solana Status took to Twitter not long from now a short time later to affirm that the issue had been recognized and an answer was being executed.

It said at that point: “The Solana network is encountering a blackout and not handling exchanges. Designers across the biological system are chipping away at diagnosing the issue and to restart the organization.”

The cost of SOL tumbled from $35.08 at one direct on 30 September toward $32 on 1 October. Recently, the organization’s local symbolic SOL was down 4% as of now, however it has since risen 0.21% to $32.54.

Network issues over time
Solana has experienced a few blackouts in the previous year with clients featuring the blockchain’s frail organization as the reason. Blackouts occurred reliably every month sooner this year with the PoS network going down in April, May, June and July.

Clients on Twitter anyway were partitioned by the fresh insight about the blackout and analysis of the organization as some said the blochcain is attempting to improve alongside its designers and architects reliably. Until this point, Solana’s organization has gone down multiple times since its send off.

SOL’s cost has confronted a continous decrease in 2022, shedding a signficant piece of significant worth starting from the start of the year. SOL was exchanging around $171 toward the beginning of January, however starting around 3 Octoeber its ongoing cost was exchanging at around $32.

Solana later affirmed the most recent blackout was settled at 07:00 UTC on 1 October.